Green Parrot Products offers anti-microbial, environmentally friendly wood grained powder coated finishes on a variety of
picnic tables and outdoor benches, as well as many other types of site furnishings & outdoor furniture.

Prices for these deluxe, long-lasting powder-coated picnic tables start at only $800 each + shipping.
They will OUTLAST any wood table sold and will retain their beauty for 10 years!


We dye-sublimate a wood grain or custom image onto picnic tables for commercial, residential and municipal uses.
Our tables are powder coated for superior resistance to wear and damage.
This allows for easy clean-up and eliminates use of staples or nails to hold table clothes down!
ADA compliant picnic tables that won't warp or droop over time are also available.

Please view pictures and examples of our work with the antimicrobial and durable finishes.
Picnic tables and benches can be a standard 6 or 8 ft length or custom-made to your exact specifications. 
Our craftsman have even manufactured a one-piece picnic table that is 20 feet long for use in an extremely busy
Pennsylvania state park visited by millions each year, that has withstood the elements through season after season with ZERO maintenance required.

This finishing has withstood many hours of accelerated environmental testing, real-world outdoor testing
and has gained AAMA certifications 2603 and 2504 for durability. 

Call us today for a FREE sample of this incredible powder coated finish, plus a quick quote and see how affordable
these 100% AMERICAN made, Green Parrot picnic tables really are!

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