Green Parrot Products offers a wide variety of site furnishings, including picnic tables & park benches, using a patented POWDER COATING technology that allows us to decorate in high quality wood, marble and granite looking finishes, along with custom images, patterns and logos. The finishes are amazing, and even close up provides high integrity resolution with extreme durability and weatherability.

All metals can be decorated, but aluminum and steel are the most common.  This patented technology is proven successful for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Green Parrot Products  has a wide variety of  wood grains, marbles and other patterns.  Custom designs are only a bit longer for delivery.


Green Parrot Products offers anti-microbial and environmentally friendly finishes as standard and custom tables and benches, as well as outdoor furniture.  Please view pictures and examples of our work with the antimicrobial and durable finishes.  Picnic tables and benches can be a standard 6 or 8 ft length or a custom size.  We have even made a picnic table 20 feet long!

This finishing has withstood many hours of accelerated environmental testing and outdoor testing and has gained AAMA certifications 2603 and 2504. 

Picnic Tables Benches Specialty & Refinishing

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